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About the FirstPres E-Mail List

The First Presbyterian Church Yahoo!Groups email list is open to members and friends who wish to be kept up to date or wish to inform the community about late-breaking news of interest to our community. To subscribe, simply send an email to fprespa-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

What’s Appropriate
Only list members can send messages. A good test of whether your message is appropriate is to ask yourself four questions:
– Is this something that will get printed in the Sunday bulletin or First Pres Press?
– Is this more appropriate to raise in our prayers or calls to act during Sunday worship?
– Would you be comfortable if someone else raised a similar issue with which you had some or even strong disagreement?
– Are you keeping it brief and to the point, letting people know where they can get more information or where they can join in further discussion, if they desire?

What’s Inappropriate
      – Internet jokes
– Entire newspaper or magazine articles (please just share a summary and a link to the entire story)
– Chain letters
– Attachments (see note about attachments below)
– Virus warnings (often end up being hoaxes)
– Conversations (replies to other people’s postings)

Please reply directly to the original sender of a message. Our Yahoo!Groups list was not intended for carrying on a conversation or debate. If you disagree with something someone has said, or if you want to clarify or add more information, please consider contacting the original sender directly. Leave it up to that person to decide if a follow-up message is needed.

Before clicking “send” please look carefully at your “To,” “CC,” and “BCC” fields to make sure that fprespa@yahoogroups.com is not one of the addresses to which you are replying.

Political versus Partisan Topics
Some of the sensitivities often raised are around what’s “political” and what’s “partisan.” The theological understanding this congregation teaches is that topics that are “political” are integral to our faith and our work, and so we often talk about political issues in church (e.g. advocating for the rights of children, fighting poverty, promoting affordable housing, concern for the environment, etc). What is less clear, however, and what often causes offense, is when someone expresses advocacy for a given candidate or party as a part of our involvement in the faith community.

Please do not send attachments through YahooGroups. The danger of spreading viruses is high and our daily digest readers don’t get attachments. If there is a document that should be shared with many people in the congregation, please send it to the webmaster and it will be posted to the web site. Then, you can send a link to the document in your YahooGroup message.

Inbox Too Big? Try the Daily Digest!
You can cut down on the amount of email you receive from this list by changing your preferences. You can receive a daily digest of all messages, rather than a separate email for each message sent. Click here to e-mail the moderator so that your preferences can be changed to daily digest.

Please note that if you receive the daily digest, you should always be careful that if you wish to reply to one part of the digest, you must carefully enter the recipient’s email address into your email TO list, rather than just clicking reply to the digest itself. If you do reply directly to the digest, everyone on the list gets your reply (not a good thing).

Yahoo!Groups membership is controlled by a moderator, but messages are not controlled at this time. We would like to keep it that way. The best way to ensure the easiest flow of information is for each person to think before posting. We hope we can work together to faithfully accomplish that end.