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Advent 2021, “The Body of Christ Awaits”

Advent 2021: The Body of Christ Awaits

As we prepare for the Christ child to be born into the world, we will reflect on what it means to wait for the body of Christ.

From the traditional lighting of Advent candles to a liturgy that evokes the Spirit, to music that inspires the soul, we enter this season preparing for the hope, love, peace, and joy that awaits us all.

SERVICES ARE HYBRID: 10:00 am in the Sanctuary or on Zoom

NOVEMBER 28: First Sunday in Advent HOPE

The Body Connected: Humanity and Creation

Scripture: Jeremiah 2:4-8 and Romans 8:18-25
Focus: The larger understanding that we are all created with the divine and holy pulsing through our veins and roots.
Preacher: Rev.Bruce Reyes-Chow (he/him)

DECEMBER 5: Second Sunday in Advent LOVE

The Body Confined: Reproductive Justice and the Control of Our Bodies

Scripture: Psalm 69:30-33 and Galatians 5:13-26; 
Focus: The ways in which society so tightly confines and binds humans based on what we think is moral and right; focusing on reproductive justice and incarceration.

Preacher: Rev. Angela Williams
Rev. Angela Williams (she/her) is a queer Presbyterian pastor and community organizer. She currently serves as the Lead Organizer for SACReD (Spiritual Alliance of Communities for Reproductive Dignity), a new organization of people of faith who support reproductive dignity and autonomy for all people. Angela finds life in listening to podcasts, exploring creation, and engaging in theological discussions that go off the beaten path.

Connect with Angela on Twitter or Instagram.
Connect with on Twitter or Instagram

DECEMBER 12: Third Sunday in Advent JOY

The Body Judged: Body Imagery and Disability

Scripture: Genesis 1:26-28, Exodus 4:1-12, and Matthew 7:1-5
Focus: The ways in which we have determined beauty, ability, and worth by what people look like, are shaped like, or have the physical ability to do.
Preacher: GUEST TBD

DECEMBER 19: Fourth Sunday in Advent PEACE

The Body Politic: Seeking the Common Welfare of the Body

Scripture: Romans 12
Focus: The necessity to honor all parts of the body even if the honoring is not reciprocated. Bless and do not curse.
Preacher: Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow (he/him)