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“Since [2014], I’ve been involved in 18 different recoveries of bodies in the desert.” -Dr. Scott Warren, testifying in court, June 5, 2019

DAY 5 tWitter Thread

This week I joined faith leaders from around the country in support of Dr. Scott Warren who is on trial for providing humanitarian aid to migrants. If you are not familiar with this case, it is important as it is one way the US Government believes that it can prevent people from migrating across the border. No More Deaths, the organization that Dr. Warren works for believes that saving lives is our ultimate calling and that this case is, in essence trying to criminalize humanitarian aid work.

I have posted a few pics a bit about my experience, but one sharing is this,

..the most revealing action by the US government during today’s trial of Dr. Scott Warren was when the prosecutor inadvertently called two migrants, “people” and then immediately corrected himself with, “illegal aliens”.

Dehumanizing is a tactic.

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Here are a few links that you will be helpful as you follow the trial:

I am grateful for the support of FPCPA for allowing me to be present on its behalf at public actions such as this. Also thanks to my family who always have to ask, “So are you getting arrested today?” not out of worry, but just making sure that I can get out of jail 🙂

Below is my portion of the interfaith prayer service, my call to repentance:

My name is Bruce Reyes-Chow, I am the pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto, CA, a former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the proud grandchild of immigrants from China and the Philippines.

In our tradition, we are committed to approaching God with a confessional spirit, confessing to the Holy One the ways in which we fail to live into the Creator’s intentions and hopes for the Created. In doing so, we recognize that we are forgiven, and in response, we turn back towards God, we change our ways, and we repent.

And while we all have room for repentance in our lives, this day, we direct a call to repentance towards those who have created, are sustaining, and who profit from systems that are being unleashed to devour the dignity of the beloved community.

So to those who choose to criminalize the act of showing kindness to our neighbors, to those who choose to criminalize the act of honoring the human dignity of our siblings, and to those who choose to criminalize the act of saving the life of the stranger — We call on you to turn back towards God, to change your ways, and to REPENT.

To politicians, lobbyists, executives, war-mongers, prosecutors, and all those who enable systems that militarize our borders, who make a profit through non-peaceful pursuits, and who have otherwise sacrificed their souls to build worldly wealth at the expense of human life — We call on you to turn back towards God, to change your ways, and to REPENT.

And to those, when confronted with the reality of these assaults on humanity, choose comfort over compassion, choose inaction over inconvenience, and choose to build walls of personal security over digging the life-giving wells of communal life — We call on you to turn back towards God, to change your ways, and to REPENT.

In the name of the one who beckons us all towards confession, who freely offers forgiveness, and rejoices in the turning of our faces back towards love, we pray.

And all God’s people say, Amen.

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