Sunday Worship on Zoom

from Bruce (Page 8)

It’s a process

Dear Church, Week Two is fully underway and it has been a joy to get to know folks through visits, meetings, worship, etc. While I am not falling in love with the SF-PA commute, this community and town have made these first 10 days energizing and enlightening. I am definitely looking forward to making the…

Boxes: on The First Day

Dear Church, Three days in and I think I’ll stick around 🙂 There is nothing like the “first day” — a new job, a new school year, and yes, a new church. No matter how old one gets, there are nerves, expectations, and hopes. Because the office is technically closed on Monday, I had a…

Thank you and six things

Dear Church, First, thank you for the incredible welcome and hospitality extended to me and my family this past Sunday — what a great day! While quite the change for our family, we are excited about this new adventure as part of the First Presbyterian Church community! As you know, my first official day is…