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Celebrate Earth Month with ACTION on Climate

This April 22nd will be the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Throughout the month we’ll be posting various actions that you can take. We’ll celebrate Earth Day in worship on Sunday, April 26th.

If you are a resident of Palo Alto, you have a timely and powerful opportunity to take climate action on the local level. 

The city of Palo Alto has released its Sustainability/Climate Action Plan (S/CAP) in an online webinar and is asking for comments. It is urgent that they hear from a large number of residents that they support this plan to meet the city’s stated goal to lower greenhouse gases in our city 80% by 2030. 

 It is imperative that the City hear comments on the plan by the deadline of April 14. There is a danger that the sustainability program may be postponed due to COVID-19 crisis. Meantime, the progress toward the 80% reduction in carbon by 2030 has been minimal. We can’t wait to get started. The city leaders need to hear from all of us that this is a BOTH/AND, not an either/or. The climate cannot wait until the pandemic is over.  If the City hears from large numbers of us that we want them to go forward aggressively with S/CAP, our city leaders will have to listen to our collective voices. 

Here’s what you can do BEFORE the April 14 deadline:

Listen to the webinar.

Write comments (as instructed on the chatbar of the webinar)

Or: You can skip the webinar and power-point slides, and send your own comments via:, and to  Christine Luong, City of Palo Alto Sustainability Manager at

Also a good idea to send your comments to the City Council: 

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact