1140 Cowper St Palo Alto CA 94301 Sundays at 8:30am and 10:30am

Children, Youth and Young Adults



10:45-11:30 AM – Children’s Sunday School in the Classrooms
Children from Pre-K to 8th grade are welcome to leave communal worship after the children’s sermon to engage in lessons aimed to help them learn the stories of the Bible and the foundations of our faith.  Children are always welcome to remain in the sanctuary to worship with their families.

Kids at First Pres have something great to look forward to this year!  We’re expanding our Sunday School leadership team to add pastors Bear and Annanda and our fabulous musician, Andy, to the line-up of Sunday School teachers, spearheaded by Sally Nordlund.  How will this work? 


  • We’ve purchased the “Feasting on the Word” lectionary-based curriculum which will be tailored to be age-appropriate for our kids.
  • When the kids leave our communal worship for class, with them will go Bear, Annanda or Andy, who will supplement the daily lesson plan with some focused insight/music to help unpack the lectionary lesson of the day.
  • As always, timing is everything! We hope to return your missing worship team member back to communal worship following the prompting, leaving the assembled Sunday School team to reinforce the text of the day with arts, crafts and other creative options. Ursula will remain with the kids… she really prefers their company.
  • And! The pastoral staff will provide a “word of the day” based on the lectionary text which will be examined in both communal worship and Sunday School – we’ll encourage families to have on-going conversations during their home-life together – implanting Sunday’s text and “word of the day” into hearts and minds, both young and old(er).

The more the merrier!  Invite your kids, grandkids, neighbor kids to share the joys of learning together at First Pres.


Youth Group (Junior and Senior High) 
We’ve started a series of monthly field trips for middle and high schoolers. Our first field trip was to world famous UC Berkeley with our former youth, Anita Phinney Silver, now a junior in bioengineering, as our guide. Future field trips include a tour of CAW Architects office in Palo Alto, on Sunday, Dec. 2nd. Our own young adult Caroline LeBar is an architect there and will be our host. Future trips include Stanford, Google, and Oracle. For info, please contact Ellen Hartog at elh109@sbcglobal.net.

We are a Peace and More Light Church and all teens are invited.


Younger Adults Group
If you are a younger adult, in college or beyond, please see www.fprespa.org/young-adults for information on bi-monthly get-togethers and excursions.




Parenting Youth and Young Adults Covenant Group
For families with youth in high school, college, and just beyond, please see www.fprespa.org/smallgroups/ for information on monthly get-togethers.