Sunday Worship on Zoom
8:30am: Early Church

People holding Gun Violence banners

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This Sunday we will look at a text that we don’t often read, Haggai 1:15b-2:9 and the calling to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. We will ask the questions: What are we building and why?, At whose expense? And who is is not invited in? These were important questions as the children of Israel rebuilt…

SUNDAY: The Saints

This Sunday’s we have a lot going on. Not only is it All Saints Sunday, but we will share in communion, dedicate our pledges, and commission the Care and Compassion Ministry Team. Much good stuff is going on this Sunday. During worship for All Saints Sunday, we will be leaving names and symbols on the…


First, thanks so much for the nearly 50 people who showed up for the retreat. Thank you for your openness to the process, your willingness to share, and, of course, your dancing! You can see the slide deck here and all the newsprint here. We began with the hopes for the day, We begin to…