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REGISTER NOW For Vacation BIBLE SCHOOL: Justice for (SM)All

We are excited about this year’s Vacation Bible School, Justice for (Sm)all, happening August 5-9!  We will host a fun-filled week for kids entering Kindergarten through 5th grades for morning activities. Activities will center on the Bible stories focused on the “radical love” of Jesus: loving your neighbor, helping the poor, the sick, the elderly…We’ll…

BorderLinks Trip To Arizona/Mexico Border

On February 15-20, 10 people from First Pres went to the Arizona Border. They joined with 10 others from San Jose Presbytery for an experience led by Borderlinks, based in Tucson, Arizona. They walked the desert, attended court proceedings for deportees, visited migrant help centers in Mexico, and learned from those who deal with border issues…

Younger Adults Just Faith Series “Exploring Migration”

The Younger Adults group has begun a series through Just Faith Ministry called “Exploring Migration: a Faith Journey.” This curriculum focuses on immigration through readings and videos that document human experiences of migration and prompt discussions about how we should respond. This series will also include discussions with our First Pres friends who will traveled…