1140 Cowper St Palo Alto CA 94301 Sundays at 8:30am and 10:30am

Adult Study Series this Winter

Note that in 2019 we will continue to meet in Fellowship Hall, but we are going to start earlier, at 9:30 rather than 9:45. We hope this will enable us to have 45-50 minutes for presentation and discussion.

Adult Study sessions in January will be led by our pastor, Rev. Bear Ride. Using the title “Just and Generous: Progressive Christianity and Us,” she will introduce us to books like Spirituality and Liberation; The Great Spiritual Migration (subtitle: “how the world’s largest religion is seeking a better way to be Christian”); A New Spiritual Home (subtitle: “progressive Christianity at the grass roots”); and Living the Questions (subtitle: “the wisdom of progressive Christianity”).  On January 13, Andy Chislett will lead a related discussion of the new(ish) Presbyterian hymnal, Glory to God.


Adult Study Series for December.  More sessions will be led by Annanda Barclay and Dave Thornton to allow for more of the open dialog that was one goal of the Oct. 7-21 series on racism. We will start on Dec. 2 with what Annanda recorded in a video that she sent to Dave for our Adult Study on Oct. 21. In that video Annanda spoke of her experience as a black woman as pastor in a largely “white” church. The October series was entitled Confronting Racism: Privilege and White Fragility and had closed with a session on Racism and Social Change–resisting white privilege and systemic racism, and considering steps for continued learning and open dialogue.  On Dec 23 and 30 we will meet for an informal discussion of issues raised during this series.