1140 Cowper St Palo Alto CA 94301 Sundays at 8:30am and 10:30am

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Justice for (Sm)all

We are excited about our inaugural Vacation Bible School: Justice for (Sm)all, happening August 6-10!  We will host a fun-filled week for kids entering Kindergarten through 5th grades for morning activities. Activities will center on the Bible stories focused on the “radical love” of Jesus: loving your neighbor, helping the poor, the sick, the elderly…We’ll have engaging mornings with songs, stories, art, games and other activities, like baking, walking to the food closet, making aprons for home, and blankets for the homeless.

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Please join Lee Merkle-Raymond and Annanda Barclay any morning, from Monday 8/6 to Friday 8/10. Let Lee know how and when you can help out. If you can help with buying supplies in advance, let Lee know: it takes the First Pres Village to run a camp!!

There will be a planning meeting for all interested volunteers on Sunday, July 15 at 5pm in the church lounge. Contact Lee Merkle-Raymond if you have questions.

Spread the word among family, friends and grandchildren!