1140 Cowper St Palo Alto CA 94301 Sundays at 8:30am and 10:30am

Worship in Mitchell Park August 19th

A long-standing summer tradition in our congregation is to worship in Mitchell Park with other congregations in our neighborhood. People from Covenant Presbyterian, First Baptist, University AME Zion, and the iChurch congregation will all be present as we worship together again this year, on August 19th, at 10:30am.

When practiced well, traditions have the ability to anchor communities. The simple, common act of people gathering together to worship the Divine is a tradition of our species. Over time, those who have good experiences with a tradition find deep meaning in their value. The tradition itself is often a spiritual experience.

Come August 19th, our tradition of worshiping in the park fortifies my hope in the ability of our local Christian congregations to accept and welcome our different theological and biblical interpretations of the Church, Scripture, and Christ’s ministry. The call for First Pres members to usher, greet, help set up set up the chairs, and join all congregations in bringing a dish to share for the potluck dinner after the service is an important opportunity to serve our Christian neighbors and strengthen and affirm one another as spiritual communities. That Sunday morning in August, as all Sunday mornings, we gather to worship the God who accepts us as we are. Through God’s acceptance of us we are constantly reminded that we are worthy. We are reminded we have areas of much needed growth. And we are reminded that we are never in this life alone.