Sunday Services 8:30am and 10:30am

Adult Study

This spring most sessions will feature a short video, followed by a discussion.

On Feb. 17, Annanda Barclay leads discussion after a video of Brian Stevenson

On Feb. 24, there will be no 9:30 Adult Study because from Noon-1:30pm, we will meet in Fellowship Hall for lunch and an all-church Accompaniment Workshop. Samantha Vasquez of Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity will walk us through what it means to “accompany” a local family facing detention and/or deportation. Find out what you can do locally about this international humanitarian crisis.

On March 3, FirstPres folk just back from the Arizona/Mexico border will share photos of what they saw–and discuss what they learned. Join us!

On March 10, Bear Ride leads a discussion after a video of Father Greg Boyle.