Sunday Worship on Zoom
8:30am: Early Church


SFEMS Presents: AQUILA & TRES HERMANICAS in Roses & Almonds

A concert combining Sephardic music and medieval Cantigas, celebrating life, love, food & drink, nature, spirituality, adventure & humor. In Christian and Sephardic cultures, both the rose and the almond are powerful symbols. The rose, with its beauty and sensual fragrance evokes love, fragility and the Virgin Mary, where the almond symbolizes renewal, hope, perseverance and virginity. There is a myth in Judaism that links the bottom of the almond to the entrance to the underworld. This program celebrates the sacred and secular delights of both cultures through storytelling, dance and song.

Tres Hermanicas: Nell Snaidas, voice, early guitars; Shira Kammen, vielle, rebec, medieval harp, voice; Daphna Mor, voice, ney, recorders.

Aquila: Phoebe Rosquist, voice; Michele Kennedy, voice; Peter Maund, percussion; Gary Haggerty, oud, saz, percussion; Shira Kammen, vielle, rebec, medieval harp, voice.