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Bible Study – Dr. Hal Taussig

You are invited to join us for a three-week bible study with Hal Taussig.

Below is the schedule. You can order a copy of The New New Testament or download PDFs (Coming Soon)

January 11: Introduction, Prayer of Thanksgiving, Gospel of Mary
[Download text study pp. 5-70]

January 18: The Thunder: Perfect Mind
[Download text study pp. 179-186]

January 25: The Acts of Paul and Thecla
[Download text study pp. 334-344]

Optional Text for Study [Download The Gospel of Thomas], [Download The Gospel of Truth], [Download The Odes of Solomon/Jesus’s Songbook]

For a little background here is the KQED Forum Interview with Hal and Bruce (Who was part of the council that gathered) [Listen here]

Does the Bible need a makeover? A group of 20 spiritual leaders from around the country thought so, and they convened recently to update the New Testament. The result combines traditional and newly discovered texts, including ancient Christian stories of women leading their own congregations. San Francisco-based Presbyterian minister Bruce Reyes-Chow was a part of this group, and he joins us to discuss the book, “A New New Testament.”

Hal is also preaching at worship on January 10
Sermon Title: “She Turned Their Heart to the Good” 
Sermon Text: Gospel of Mary 4:1-5:10

Hal Taussig is a public theologian focusing on newly discovered ancient writings from the early Christ people and on new forms of worship and spiritual practice.  He has been bi-vocational for his whole career, serving as professor of New Testament (Union Theological Seminary in New York and Chestnut Hill College Graduate Program in Spirituality) and as a United Methodist pastor.  The most recent of his 14 published books is Re-Reading the Gospel of Mark Amidst Loss and Trauma.  His mediography includes The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Daily Show, People Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, National Public Radio, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC, the Bob Edwards Show on Sirius Radio, The History Channel, and the Washington Post.  He is one of three chief editors of HarperOne’s forthcoming book, After Jesus Before Christianity: The First Two Hundred Years.


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