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Earth Day Sunday Panel and Discussion

FPCPA will hold our annual Earth Day service on April 26 at 10am. Be inspired to care for our Mother Earth through music, prayer, and prophetic preaching.

Following the service, at 11:30 am, we will hear about different kinds of actions our friends and neighbors are taking to fight climate change.

Edie Irons, Communications Director for TransForm, a non-profit in Oakland that advocates for public transit and equity in the Bay Area, will tell us what TransForm is working on and prospects for a less congested South Bay with more housing available for people who work here. 

Scott Mellberg from City of Palo Alto Utilities will tell us about heat pumps and building electrification, and give us all some ideas about making our own homes much greener. And of course electrification and heat pump technology is what First Pres is looking to as we replace our old gas boiler-run heating system. 

And Julia Zeitlin and Henry Shane come to us from a few weeks of intensive organizing as The Sunrise Movement prepared for Earth Day and several online events during Earth Day Live, three whole (long) days of online programming this week celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day. 

At the end we’ll have an interactive session where people can share what they like about life during the shutdown, and how they’d like to keep the good parts after they let us loose.

This event is hosted by our Cool Planet Group. Here is the Zoom Link to the panel: