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Grounded in Community Meal – POSTPONED

This series of plant-based dinners is offered by Grounded in Community, a nonprofit connecting people to the impact their food choices have on personal and planetary health.

Our April speaker is Stanford Professor Rodolfo Dirzo, who will speak about “Biodiversity and Carbon Sequestration”. In addition to Professor Dirzo’s incredible work on climate change and biodiversity loss, he is a STEM mentor for students in under-resourced areas. A native of Mexico, he works with indigenous tribes all over the world to preserve cultural biodiversity. He’s an inspiring speaker! 

NOTE: The April speaker has been postponed indefinitely.

Normally, the speakers are preceded by meals by local chefs from many culinary traditions Meals are $15 and reservations are requested in order to avoid wasted food. Takeout orders are also possible. Social Justice and Cool Planet co-sponsor this monthly event. This time, consider cooking your own plant-based meal. For example, click here for a recipe for First Pres Award-Winning Chili non Carne.

NOTE: You can read our complete statement here, but in short, out of an abundance of caution and care, March 10 through April 2020, our main facilities will be closed to all groups and all in-person church meetings and gatherings will be held online.