Sunday Worship on Zoom
8:30am: Early Church

No More Deaths in Worship 10.13

This Sunday we welcome Stefan Warner from No More Deaths to share a little about what they are doing. This was the organization that Pastor Bruce joined in Tuscon to support Scott Warren when he was on Trial

Here are a few articles from Stefan to give you some background.

  • The author, Ryan Devereaux, covered all of the NMD trials this past summer. This is the best overview I’ve seen post-verdict. [READ]
  • This article is great but fairly academic. The author is a NMD volunteer and PhD candidate in Women & Gender studies at the University of Arizona. [READ]
  • No More Deaths collaborated with some other Migrant Justice orgs to produce the Disappeared Report which covers Border Patrol policies and practices that contribute to people dying and disappearing in the Arizona desert. [READ]

Hope to see you Sunday!