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Get Out The Vote – Updated

Melissa Kirven and Pat Kinney have agreed to be co-Team Captains for a Vote Forward GOTV (Get Out the Vote) campaign. We both feel that voting is a very important way to stand up for Social Justice, and that letter-writing from home is something we can do right now. We have committed to distributing at least 1000 letters for people to finish at home, providing their own postage and envelopes.

You will need to address the envelopes and also add a few words to the preprinted letters. Stamps are available online from and we have quite a few envelopes that you could use. You should keep your letters and we will email you when it is time to send them out (probably in early October).

UPDATE: We completed our first three batches of 1000, and now have a group of 500 to finish by October 1. Many thanks to those who have already written letters. Please contact Melissa ( or Pat ( if you are interested in joining in on this current round. We will arrange delivery, pickup or mailing.

Please pass this opportunity along to friends and neighbors.