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Hotel de Zink 2020

Plans are moving forward for housing the homeless in the FirstPres Fellowship Hall during the month of July, with some amendments due to the pandemic. Specifically, each client will have his or her own eating and sleeping space, and contact with clients will be kept to a minimum. The FirstPres kitchen will be closed, and all meals will be delivered to and left outside of Fellowship Hall. Bathrooms will be open, and sinks in closet 9 and near the outdoor barbecue will be available for cold water. A Hotel de Zink staff member will be with the clients each evening. And deep cleaning will be handled by a professional cleaning service.

Joy Sleizer has asked all church members to consider signing up to deliver at least one meal (including main dish, salad, side dish, and dessert) during the month of July—more, if possible. (No need to supply drinks.) Joan Roy will manage meal signups online. Weekly hosts—Kathy and Lee Merkle-Raymond, Dave and Mary Alice Thornton, Holly Brady and Kathy Barton will coordinate with meal planners to make sure we offer a good variety. Meals can be prepared at home or delivered from your favorite local restaurant. If you plan on preparing a home-cooked meal, it must be delivered in disposable containers. If you usually donate money instead of time, we ask that you arrange for the delivery of a take-out meal instead. Since breakfasts and lunches are now available at the Opportunity Center in downtown Palo Alto during weekdays, we need bag lunches to be made only on weekends—a good project for a family or two. We are also asking Covenant Presbyterian to take responsibility for several nights in late July.

Sign up here to bring meals. Contact Joan Roy with any signup questions.