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Dear Church,

As you may or may not know, the church possesses what is called a “manse”, a home provided to the pastor. This is offered in lieu of some compensation and makes it possible for pastors to move into areas where housing costs are often prohibitive. In the case of FPCPA, we try to compensate our Associate Pastor in a way that makes it possible to live in the area, but traditionally the “Senior Pastor” has received the manse.

Wisteria in the backyard.

Sometime in the early summer, my family will move from San Francisco to Palo Alto and really be able to set grow down some roots and get to know the community. Until then the church is doing some work on the manse to get it ready for our family. As this work is done, I’ll be spending a couple of nights a week there to cut down on commuting time.

We did spend a night as a family this past weekend and the best part was watching our puppies getting used to so much space . . . and the stairs. It took me 10 minutes to get them all to the correct bowls for feeding. And they say cats are hard to herd 😉

And I will say, sitting the backyard working is quite the experience. Apparently, Palo Alto frequently has this shiny yellow thing in the sky that makes the air warm — one could get used to this. Many sermons will be written from the backyard of the Manse for sure.

Other Manse Tidbits

  • There will be a Manse WORK DAY in the next month, so we will need some help cleaning and clearing. There will be food and fun!
  • We are tentatively planning for a June 1 Housewarming and Blessing.
  • Once we move in, we will begin to have gatherings and meetings at the Manse.
  • Giving thanks again for the Clayton Family who made it possible for the church to have a Manse for its pastor.


  • EASTER SUNDAY: Please think about attending services this Sunday AND bring a friend! Invite in the ways you do best, but you can also use our Facebook Event!
  • CHILDREN SETTING THE COMMUNION TABLE: In lieu of the Children’s Time, children will be invited to set the communion table. Immediately following the welcome and announcements, please join Pastor Annanda in the entryway for instructions.
  • STAY FOR THE EGGS: There will be an Easter Egg Hunt immediately following worship..


  • For fire tragedies. May a spirit of peace be upon those impacted by the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and may your lens of justice and hope be brought upon all concerned in the burning of three Black churches in Louisiana.
  • For those holding pain. May we all find ways to address stored up conflict, pain, and struggle and truly know peace.
  • For the Session and Staff. May we each find and know calm, joy, and wisdom during this time of transition and change.

I think that’s it for this week. Stay warm and I’ll see you Sunday.

Peace — Bruce

PS: Have you signed up for a visit? I’m on target to visit 60 people in 60 days, so get on over and reserve a time using THIS LINK.