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More Light

The More Light Committee’s purpose is to integrate gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons and their concerns into the full life of our congregation, the Presbytery, the denomination, and society.


We believe that we are succeeding on many fronts. Everywhere you look, in every committee, at every event, wherever you go, you will find LGBT folks carrying on the mission of First Presbyterian Church. Feeding the homeless, fighting for affordable housing, striving to protect the earth, championing peace, repairing church facilities, caring for the sick, playing and praying, LGBT people can be found. Of course we can never rest in our work to ensure that all LGBT people feel and are truly welcome in our congregation and beyond the walls of our church!

Removing Amendment B: That’s why we are especially involved in working towards a change in the PCUSA Book of Order to remove language that endangers the ordination of LGBT people. Unlike those who have said they will leave the Presbyterian Church if LGBT people are allowed to openly serve, we vow to stay in the Presbyterian Church and continue the struggle for justice, as long as it takes!

Jesus told a story about a man who knocks on a neighbors door in the middle of the night to ask for bread. Three times the neighbor yelled down that the man should go away and leave him alone. The man kept pounding on the door and finally, just to get the man to leave him in peace, the neighbor gave him some bread. With that story as our guide, we’ll just have to keep pounding on the doors.

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