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SUNDAY: Pet Blessing and Remembrance

From the pup who cuddles on our lap to creatures for whom ethical treatment must be championed, we know that all are created beings of the Holy One. With this in mind, this Sunday, September 29, we will take some time to join in a time-honored tradition and bless and remember the animals in our lives.

We encourage and invite you to bring your pet to the service as well as any pictures of animal companions who are no longer living, but still hold a dear place in your heart.

I few items of note:

  • Please be sure that your pet is under control: leashed, crated, etc.
  • Please watch for instructions on where to sit: predator or prey sections.
  • Please make sure that your animal’s vaccinations are up to date.
  • Please bring bags or other clean-up items in case of accidents.
  • The blessing will take place towards the end of the service.

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