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Rev. Geoff Browning to speak about the Line 3 Oil

I was tasked at Cool Planet meeting to get the publicity rolling for Geoff Browning’s June 27 talk-back presentation about the Line 3 pipeline. If I were to submit the Back-of Bulletin entry for the next few weeks, I would say:
The International Energy Agency has stated that no more fossil fuel infrastructure can be built if we are to keep global warming under 1.5 degrees C. Yet, the Canada-based energy conglomerate, Enbridge, has begun construction of the Line 3 oil pipeline that would run from the dirty oil sand pits of Alberta, Canada to Superior, WI some 1,000 miles away. They have designed the pipeline to run through First Nations territory in Canada and Native American land in Minnesota. To stop this threat to the land and water, indigenous water protectors, religious leaders, and climate activists have been on the ground protesting its construction.**Learn more about the Line 3 pipeline and the protest:  Scroll down to see photo of Geoff Browning, who participated in the protest with Presbyterian Peace Fellowship 
**Save the date: June 27 for a Line 3 conversation with Geoff Browning immediately following worship service**Note: Cool Planet donated $500 to GreenFaith to help cover expenses for religious leaders who attended the protest at the request of indigenous groups