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Dear Church,

Technology is a tricky thing. I am sure that we have all seen and experienced something destructive and disturbing that uncovers some of the ugly realities of the online world. We do need to be careful and diligent in how we use technology in our lives — and the church.

That said, a vast majority of my experience with technology while working with churches and engaging in the public square has been, not only positive, but deeply meaningful and profound. Relationships have been built and sustained, my experience of the world has expanded, and I am able to use my time in ways that are more faithful and productive.

As we move forward with me as your pastor, please know that I do hold with care those who, for whatever reason, do not interact through digital means. There are many reasons why folks choose or are unable to jump into this world and it is often not about age, as many like think, but about economics, choice, and many other reasons.

You should also know, and this should come as no surprise, that one of the greatest passions of my life is how to use social media and technology in ways that move forward Christ’s message of justice, action, and love. (See Adult Ed topics June 2/9) In thoughtful ways, I hope that FPCPA will be able to move in a direction that will better equip and free us to do the good work already being done and expand our reach and impact in the community.

We have already been experimenting with a few new technology platforms that I have found helpful in organizing ministry and engaging in the life of the church. Not only are you reading a weekly blog post and have been seeing expanded use of our technology in worship, but the staff is now using Google Sheets to plan worship, you helped us get settled in Palo Alto using TypeForm, and many of you scheduled a time to meet with me using Calendly.

Thanks for everyone’s willingness to jump in and try these things.

But wait, you thought we were done? No way, let’s try a few more! You are invited to dive again or for the first time as we begin to move some of these technologies into the work of our committees and the life of the church.

The Care and Compassion Ministry Team would like some feedback about their ministry in the life of the church. Please fill out the following feedback survey. It should not take longer than 10 minutes to complete. [CCM Feedback Survey]. You can also call or email Margaret Ann Fidler or Kathy Merkel Raymond to offer feedback.

If you are an ordained Elder or Deacon, you are invited to help serve communion. We need about eight volunteers each Communion Sunday for set-up and serving. We have scheduled communion services through November, so sign up today. You will be able to switch or change any time and will get an automatic reminder a few days before. [Communion Sunday Signups]

Did you miss a Sunday and want to listen to the sermon/prompting? Never fear, not only can you visit the FPCPA website to listen, but if you listen to podcasts or have been looking for a reason to start, you now have a reason. To add us to your playlist [subscribe on iTunes] or [subscribe on Google Podcasts].

Again, I realize that everyone will have various reactions to this. You can ALWAYS contact the office and we’ll help walk you through sign-ups and or find alternative ways to connect.


  • For THOSE EXPERIENCING HOMELESSNESS. God, may you be a presence of, not only emotional and spiritual shelter, but also provide the means and motivation for communities and individuals to know physical shelter.
  • For GRADUATES AND EDUCATORS. God, we give you thanks for journeys of the heart, mind, and soul that are nurtured, shaped, and formed by educators and all who tend to the educational growth of young people and adults.
  • For THE UNITED STATES. God, may your will be done.

THIS COMING SUNDAY’s FOCUS by Pastor Annanda Barclay

Working from John 17:20-26 — We’ll speak to Christian understandings of Oneness to examples of ways in which we can enrich our spiritual lives as we earnestly navigate practices of right relationship.

FPCPA Worship Planning Grid: Year C

Enjoy the sunshine and see you on Sunday!