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SUNDAY: The Saints

This Sunday’s we have a lot going on. Not only is it All Saints Sunday, but we will share in communion, dedicate our pledges, and commission the Care and Compassion Ministry Team. Much good stuff is going on this Sunday.

During worship for All Saints Sunday, we will be leaving names and symbols on the table as we remember those who have come before us. While a time to remember who they were, as a resurrection people, we will also think about the new life they have left for us to experience.

What do the Saints of yesterday hope for the Saints of today?

This will be an important question as we think about our own legacies as individuals and our collective future and a congregation. How do we honor and the past without worshipping it, and how do we usher in the future without feeling left behind?

I’m looking forward to wrestling with these questions with you this Sunday.

In the meantime, here are a few links and asks to take down the rabbit hole. Check out the opinion piece: Why millennials are skipping church and not going back as it’s getting a ton of play. I am not sure that we have to simply give in to the cultural norms and trends, but it is definitely good to know what is going on. I would also point you to watch “The Good Place” if you have access to any streaming platforms as it’s an entertaining and smart look at ethics, morality, and the afterlife. And finally, if you have a minute, please leave a review of FPCPA on Yelp and on Google?

See you Sunday!