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Thank you and six things

Dear Church,

First, thank you for the incredible welcome and hospitality extended to me and my family this past Sunday — what a great day! While quite the change for our family, we are excited about this new adventure as part of the First Presbyterian Church community!

As you know, my first official day is April 1st — no really, it is — but I wanted to connect before I begin and let you know about the rest of the month.

Through the end of March I will be spending some time saying farewell to my current congregation as you too, say farewell to Bear and Susan. This is a bittersweet time for everyone as we let go, say hello, and settle into the next stages of life and ministry. Please hold our families and both congregations in prayer during this tender time.

Once I begin, my first order of business will be to simply get to know you and begin to get acquainted with our new city. From FPCPA staff to church family to community leaders, it is my hope to get to know as many people as I can so I can hear your stories, your struggles, and your hopes. I can’t wait to meet more of you! I am also looking forward to falling in love with Palo Alto. After 30 years in San Francisco, we are ready to get to know a new city: food, arts, politics, culture, etc.

With this in mind here are a few items to help prime the pump before I begin!

  1. This is a new city for us, so help us get settled by sharing your Palo Alto Wisdom: food, sites, events, etc. by filling out this quick 10 Question Questionnaire.
  2. Let’s get together! Let me know how you want to get together for a visit by filling out this quick Meet with Bruce form or emailing me at: my new fprespa address.
  3. I am open book and love to interact online as well as in person, so feel free to friend me on Facebook where I share personal whimsy, like my Facebook page where I curate conversations on faith, politics, etc. You are also welcome to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, or SnapChat. If you would like a follow-back, just drop me a note to let me you are connected to FPCPA.
  4. While we will take our time developing a social media strategy, feel free to connect tit he church now. Like our Facebook Page, follow us on Instagram and on Twitter, subscribe to the FPCPA Worship Podcast. And you have not already, leave a review on Yelp or on Google and tell people why FPCPA in a meaningful place for you!
  5. Take a listen to my first full BRC Goes to Palo Alto Podcast where Annanda and I talk about the city, church, and generally have a great time!
  6. Finally, we love to entertain, so please plan to come over the manse on June 1, 1:00-4:00, for a House Warming and Blessing. While we will probably definitely not be all the way unpacked, we want to have people over before folks scatter for the summer.

I think that’s it for now. Please hold this community in prayer as we greet the exciting times ahead. Have a great rest of the week and I’ll see you on my first Sunday, April 7th!

— Bruce