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The Beautifully Scattered Soul

Dear Church,

I am writing to you from St. Paul MN where we just landed to get ready for the week’s festivities around our eldest child, Ev’s, graduation from Macalester College. About 12 family members are gathering here this week to celebrate the graduation of the first of her generation. Very exciting.

So yeah, Ev’s Graduation is this weekend.
And Abby graduates on the 30th.
And Annie is making decisions about her classes at Gunn next year.
And Robin is at the end of her teaching year.
And Robin’s dad is still not doing well.
And club and high school soccer season are just now ending.
And we’re working on the manse.
And we’re all doing church.
And the world seems to be getting more painfully ridiculous with every news cycle.

I have been dropping some things in some areas and in other areas, not quite getting some things right.

Scattered would be generous. And of course, I start to feel a little guilty about not “having it all together” 24/7. Oh that insidious draw towards perfection is strong.

And then last night as I was sitting in the airport waiting to board our red-eye and lamenting over the things that I have not quite been able to do, I decided, that for the next few weeks I was going to unabashedly embrace the beautifully scattered, current nature of my soul.

After all, most of the reasons my world is feeling so topsy-turvy are all good. Yes, there is a lot going on, but oh my goodness, the joy and new life around all of these events are truly breathtaking. Things will calm down and I will, once again, get ahead-ish of the game, but for now, I’m just rolling with it . . . and that is freeing.

So over the next few weeks, I am offering my pre-emptive apologies for not quite getting to everything or forgetting a thing or two. Just know that my soul is dancing these days, and sometimes, you just gotta move with the music.

Here you go . . .


  • For STUDENTS AND EDUCATORS. God, may your spirit of rest and anticipation, and perseverance be with students, teachers, administrator, staff, and everyone else involved with our educational systems.
  • For THE PHILIPPINES. God, may your wisdom, strength, and safety be lived and known amidst recent elections, political movements, and increases in extrajudicial killings.
  • For THE HOUSING DEBATES. God, may your peace, justice, and courage be known as people debate the nature and future of housing in the Silicon Valley.


Annanda is up again as I will be in-flight headed back from graduation festivities. Annanda and worship will be focus around the theme:

We’ll explore our the notion of who’s in and who’s out and who God calls us to be as those lines are drawn in our current climate.

FPCPA Worship Planning Grid: Year C

Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday


PS: While you will always be able to schedule a time to meet — especially if coffee is involved — would love to still meet up with as many more folks as I can before I leave for vacation on June 11. Use THIS LINK to schedule a time to connect.