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Dear Church,

This past weekend, our Eldest Child, Ev, graduated from college.

First, how this this happen?

And second, what an exciting time it is for them as they move into what God may have in store for them. As parents we sit in the tension between holding on and letting go, trying to control and being open to what may be, and simply trusting our claimed faith that God lays out choices and we have equipped them to make the choices in life that God intends.

Easy, right?

As we all know, trusting God is often easier said than done: as we parent, as we lead, or as we engage doing ministry together. Intellectually knowing that the seasons and transitions of life are natural and embodying the realities of shifting seasons are two different acts — and too often our hearts don’t really trust our brains.

One of the ways we build harmony between our knowing and our being, especially when it comes to young people is through ritual or rites of passage. When we engage in public and communal acknowledgment, we create a moment when we allow God to build a bridge between our hearts and heads thus weaving into our faith a moment of depth, texture, meaning.

At Ev’s graduation, not only did they have the main graduation ceremony, but they also participated in two others: “Lavender Graduation” for LGBTQAI+ students to celebrate this transition and the “Rite of Passage” ceremony where students of color could do the same. Both were powerful experiences for us parents, but more importantly for there was created a moment and memory between the community and individual, an experience that will fuel and feed each graduate as they move into their next stages of life.

Ev’s Rite of Passage Service

Here at FPCPA, we too will be claiming and enacting more rites of passages, not only for our young people, but for all ages as we all go through life-transitions. On June 2nd we will recognize educational transitions, and in the future, we may recognize transitions of work, living situations, geographic moves, etc., all things that we understand are natural parts of life, but don’t always embrace in the fullest of ways.

So, as you see things coming down the road and want your church community to recognize a new day for you, please let us know.


  • For MISSOURI. God, may you be a presence of healing, recovery, and peace in the midst of the battering of the land by tornadoes and storms.
  • For INDIA. God, may your will and presence of peace and wisdom be present in the politics of the day.
  • For THOSE SUFFERING IN SILENCE. God, may you be present with those who are hurting and are isolated by circumstance or choice and may we as communities and individuals remain open to the callings to respond.


Working from John 14:23-29 — We will look at what holds us back from experience peace of mind, heart, and spirit, and explore ways to experience peace more today than yesterday.

FPCPA Worship Planning Grid: Year C

Thanks for reading and see you Sunday!


PS: While you will always be able to schedule a time to meet — especially if coffee is involved — would love to still meet up with as many more folks as I can before I leave for vacation on June 11. Use THIS LINK to schedule a time to connect.