Sunday Worship on Zoom
8:30am: Early Church


Not all iPhone X pictures are pretty, but this gets the point across.

Having last week off was indeed a needed gift. I’m thankful to the congregation for such a time. I needed to recharge, to spend time with God, to get reconnected to myself just for a bit. Living in the mountains, the deer, quail, and hawks are beloved neighbors. The rolling green hills and the cool morning fog remind me that I’m deeply connected to so much more than I can comprehend. The healthy populations of rattlesnakes and mountain lions are a daily reminder that life is precious and is one bite away from a new reality. However, I must admit the simple task of taking out the trash is a chore that I’m beginning to apricate. (This is going somewhere I promise).

In order to get the trash accessible to the garbage persons I need to mount the cargo rack to the car, lift the garbage and recycling bins, ratchet strap them down so they don’t go tumbling down the mountain into neighbors yards and eager raccoon hands, put the car in second gear, unload… you get the idea. First world problems to be sure. So again, I’m not complaining. I’ve begun looking up taking out the trash in the wee hours of the morning and the most beautiful rainbow came across the horizon as dawn was breaking. Beautiful moments, are akin to tuning our bodies, hearts, and minds on God’s frequency. Let me tell you, God’s got talent, knows the beat to make you move your feet, and the rhythms to make you laugh, dance, and sing. As a congregation, what I do know is we are on our way to laughing more, dancing more, and singing boldly.

God’s promise to Noah came in a rainbow. A promise to never flood the earth again, a promise that there will be brighter days after bitter ones. If you wake up early enough in the morning, try looking up. God reminds us our hope is not in vain. With the breaking of every dawn so comes the inbreaking of embodied hope in the world. My advice, remember to look up beyond yourself in the midst of the mundane, the routine, no fun, necessary tasks. You might just see a the rainbow of the horizon itself. You might just see a rainbow always already in the everyday life of our church. I pray you meditate on the way God speaks to you beyond humanity. How God calls to you from the earth and its dance with the universe itself. So much love to you all.



  • COMMUNION SUNDAY: Sacraments are sacred rituals. Communion is a sacred ritual reminding us that we are all connected. Our freedom is inextricably bound in the freedom of our neighbor. Come this Sunday to be reminded. Come this Sunday to be fed.
  • YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY (YAM) EVALUATION: All Young Adults are encouraged to fill out this evaluation as we look into what’s next for programming.


God is constantly calling us from fear to love. Getting to that place means walking a spiritual path. It means prayer, bible study, and church communities. I urge you to begin a routine practice of prayer. Any form that is most comfortable to you. Think of it as a form of compound interest, which over time when practiced well will enrich your spirit and your mind. Stop, take 5 minutes out of your day to breathe. Get in touch with your spirit, which in our tradition resides is in your breath. Through breath we receive life. Through breath we can feel God’s presence and the centering of our spirits. Breathe. Breathe. May every breath you take be God’s wind at your back.