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We Never Closed

We Never Closed.

We never closed.

We have shifted
We have adapted
We have changed

We have struggled
We have had technical difficulties
We have extended grace

We never closed.

We have laughed
We have wept
We have wondered

We have celebrated
We have grieved
We have yearned

We never closed.

We have lost connections to some
We have found new relationships with others
We have lived the fullness of the Table of God

We never closed.

We have worshipped in new ways together
Praying together
Confessing together
Hearing together
Singing out of sync “together”
Being sent into the world to serve together

We never closed.

Someday we will gather again
Someday we will hug again
Someday we will fully rejoice in this expanding Body of Christ that God is revealing before us

But that day has not yet come.

So for now, we will continue being the gathered church
Called together
Praying together
Exploring the Word together
Seeking justice together
Serving together

We are the church.
We are the Body of Christ.
We never closed.