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Image of church with text, "@FPCPA Reopening Plan: An April Update

REopening Plan: An April Update

April 27, 2021 Greetings Church — We hope you are well and are finding moments of healing and hope during your day. We understand that we are each holding different levels of anxiety, pressures, and expectations about our future, and we will do our best to provide ongoing communication and fervent prayers as we move…


July 2021 Dear First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto Community We are at a confluence of events that opens to us the opportunity to envision the path forward for the future of our church. First, Bruce has completed two of four years of his calling to our congregation as a designated pastor. Therefore, it is…


There are many pastors for whom youth ministry is a starting position, a jumping-off point.  They may serve as an associate for children and youth for a few years and then move onto a new call serving as a solo or senior pastor.  But there are others for whom ministry with children and youth is…

Rev. Geoff Browning to speak about the Line 3 Oil

I was tasked at Cool Planet meeting to get the publicity rolling for Geoff Browning’s June 27 talk-back presentation about the Line 3 pipeline. If I were to submit the Back-of Bulletin entry for the next few weeks, I would say:The International Energy Agency has stated that no more fossil fuel infrastructure can be built…