Sunday Services 8:30am and 10:30am

Cool Planet (Environmental Working Group)

Our Cool Planet Working Group was formed in 2006 in response to the growing threat of global climate change. The Presbyterian Church (USA) “finds that the Christian mandate to care for Creation and the biblical promise of the restoration of right relationships between God, human beings, and the rest of Creation impels and inspires us to act to reduce our energy usage” and “that the urgency, injustice and seriousness of this issue calls us as Christians to act NOW and to act boldly.”

Our Biblical mandate to care for “the least of these” inspires us to seek environmental justice for those whose lives are disproportionately affected by Climate Change.

We also believe that “where our treasure lies, so do our hearts”, and so we encourage divestment from the Fossil Fuel industry and its supporting financial institutions.


  • Organizing educational events to help our congregants reduce their carbon footprint. These include Adult Study series, fairs, film showings and book talks.
  • Working with the Facilities Committee on projects to “green” the church.
  • With Social Justice, organizing monthly letter writing to legislators on social and environmental justice issues.
  • Planning an annual Earth Day worship service and related activities.
  • Completing a yearly audit in the areas of Worship, Education, Facilities and Outreach to maintain our certification as an Earth Care Congregation.
  • Being an active participant in the Peninsula Interfaith Climate Action coalition.
  • Supporting and promoting overtures at the Presbytery and denominational level to divest our funds from Fossil Fuel entities.
  • Joining regional and national movements, such as the Rise For Climate Action March in September 2018 and the Oily Wells March in March 2019.
  • Making financial contributions to nonprofits whose goals align with ours, such as GreenFaith and 350 Silicon Valley.

Join or Follow Us:

We are a small group with big plans; we could use your help! We meet on the first Sunday of each month just after the main worship service. For further information, please contact Shirley Eglington.

We post pictures, news and events on the Cool Planet Facebook page.

We also post to the fprespacoolplanet yahoo group. Send an email to to be added to that list.