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Cool Planet



Our Cool Planet Working Group was formed in 2006 in response to the growing threat of global climate change. The relevance of this issue to our faith is well summarized in a resolution of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., which…

…finds that the Christian mandate to care for Creation and the biblical promise of the restoration of right relationships between God, human beings, and the rest of Creation impels and inspires us to act to reduce our energy usage.

…finds that the urgency, injustice and seriousness of this issue calls us as Christians to act NOW and to act boldly to lead the way in reducing our energy usage.

…strongly urges all Presbyterians to immediately make a bold witness by aspiring to live carbon neutral lives.

What We’ve Been Up To Lately

We are gearing up for the Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice rally in San Francisco on Sept 8th, and hope that many people from 1st Pres will attend.  For more information, click here 

On Sunday, April 22, we celebrated Earth Day at 1st Pres. As part of that service Cool Planet compiled this list of suggestions of commitments to act. We have followed up with some Sunday Conversations, and with a 5th Sunday activity in July, where Canopy talked to us about the role of trees in a healthy community and took us on a tree walk around campus and neighborhood.

In June, the General Assembly of the PC(USA) considered our overture to Divest from Fossil Fuels. Although the Environmental Committee voted in favor, the GA voted it down in favor of continued engagement with Fossil Fuel companies.  They did pass an overture condemning environmental racism. For more details, see fossilfreepcusa.org.

What We’re About

First Pres states: “We are a green church, committed to environmental action and justice.” Cool Planet’s mantra is: Look ahead. You are not expected to complete the task. Neither are you permitted to lay it down. —The Talmud

Click here to learn more about how we’re encouraging change by individuals, our church community and governments at various levels.

For a more complete history of our group, click here.

For a list of organizations we’ve supported recently, click here.

How to Join or Follow our Work

We post pictures, news and events on the  Cool Planet Facebook page.

We also post to the fprespacoolplanet yahoo group. Send an email to fprespacoolplanet-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to be added to that list.

We are a small group with big plans; we could use your help!  We meet in the Church Lounge on the first Sunday of each month just after the main worship service.  For further information, please contact Shirley Eglington.