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Faith Issues in Film Group

Our group meets at 7pm, on first Tuesdays, eight months of the year. We watch the chosen film on our own, and then gather to discuss it; we’re very much like a book club in those aspects. Our meetings often include an introductory worship portion and we end with a time for sharing and prayers. We are always open to new members.

Meetings currently take place by Zoom; please contact for the link.

Here is our 2022-23 schedule:

Sept 6 Belfast
Oct 4 Parallel Mothers
Nov 1 Mango Dreams
Jan 2 My Name Is Pauli Murray
Feb 7 Kundun
Mar 7 Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom
April 4 Passing
May 2 The Sound of Metal

Belfast (2021)
Director: Kenneth Branaugh
The film can be streamed on Amazon Prime

The film takes place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, near the start of the Troubles in August 1969. In the opening scenes, we witness nine-year-old Buddy’s delight and adventure as he takes in the vibrancy and pace of his neighborhood, a diverse community of Protestants and Catholics. But Buddy soon realizes that he must now learn to live with both the good days of play and the terrible ones of sectarian violence.

Buddy’s coming-of-age experiences are rendered with such authenticity that we find ourselves caught up in them: remembering the simple pleasures of playing soccer, trying to make sense of the tension in his home due to his parents’ debts, the mystery of religion as the preacher defines the road to heaven and the road to hell, and the joy of music and dance as an expression of community. 

This is a beautifully made film that explores the complex characters and relationships in three generations of Buddy’s family. It touches on themes of home and change and making sense of the world. It also features Van Morrison music.  

Parallel Mothers (2021)
Directed by Pedro Almodovar, stars Penelope Cruz, who was nominated for an Oscar
In Spanish, with English subtitles
Available on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vudu. On order at Palo Alto Library

From a review on “In Parallel Mothers/Madres Paralelas, all the usual Almodovar ingredients are blended together exquisitely. An unorthodox story about women and motherhood, superb acting from Penelope Cruz, tasteful clothing and interiors, beautiful cinematography and intelligent dialogues with surprising twists. But this time, Almodovar adds a little extra: a subtle attack on the right-leaning political parties in Spain.

The point Almodovar wants to make about Spain is intelligently integrated into the story. It is about death, war and coping with past sins. The contrast with the other themes in the film is striking: we see Cruz, and the other parallel mother, Milena Smit, involved in childbirth, friendship and rethinking their own lives.”