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Faith Issues in Film Group

Our group meets at 7:15 pm, on the 3rd Tuesday, eight months a year. We watch the chosen film on our own, and then gather at a member’s home to discuss it; we’re very much like a book club in those aspects. Our meeting often includes an introductory worship portion and a time for sharing and prayers. We are always open to new members. For more information, please contact Ellen Forbes, Jeff Grinnell, or Shirley Eglington. The church office can provide you with their contact information.

Here is a schedule of the films we will discuss in 2019-20, followed by a description of the upcoming film:

Sep 17 Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
Oct  15 Florida Project
Nov 19 Green Book
Jan 21 If Beale Street Could Talk
Feb 18 Mark Felt
Mar 17 Roma
Apr 21 First Reformed
May 19 Silver Linings Playbook

Green Book
Directed by Peter Farrelly, 2018

In a racial flip of Driving Miss Daisy, Green Book features a white man serving as a chauffeur—and valet, and muscle, and all-around problem solver—to a black man. The title comes from the travel guide of restaurants and motels blacks were allowed to frequent in the segregated South.

Dr. Don Shirley, a world-class pianist, needs someone to drive him on a tour of cities across the Eastern Seaboard and the South, where he’ll perform in both concert halls and private homes. Shirley—or “Doc,” as Tony calls him—is everything Tony is not: educated, sophisticated, articulate, meticulous. And black. Tony may be a good guy, but he’s got some antiquated, misinformed ideas about African-Americans and more than a tinge of racism against them. Clearly, all that is about to change. Although Green Book won the best picture award, it was not universally admired. The criticisms of it, including the claim that it was “racially tone deaf”, could provide for a lively discussion.