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Sunday School 10:45am

from Bruce

SUNDAY: ReGifting Suffering

This Sunday’s passage, Romans 5:1-1 forces us to think about troubles in our lives and where is God in the midst of our struggles. We are going to talk a bit about the role (And necessity?) that suffering plays in our lives and where God is in the midst of suffering. We will then talk…

SUNDAY: Deliverables for God

This Sunday’s passage, The Parable of the Tenant Farmers Matthew 21:33-46, is a tough one. While I do believe that God yearns for our faith to “produce” we get into trouble when we try too desperately to determine and value what should be produced, as if we can earn our way into God’s love. What…

SUNDAY: Pet Blessing and Remembrance

From the pup who cuddles on our lap to creatures for whom ethical treatment must be championed, we know that all are created beings of the Holy One. With this in mind, this Sunday, September 29, we will take some time to join in a time-honored tradition and bless and remember the animals in our…