Sunday Services 8:30am and 10:30am

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Since 1995, Karen and Jonathan have enjoyed working together on music both modern and ancient. Their concerts frequently begin with an improvisation on a 16th century bass, from which they might choose to move to Bach and the 18th century, and weave this with the music of now, including pieces written for them. The May concert includes Stuart…

Sunday Services

We offer two worship services each Sunday. Early Church is an intimate worship experience featuring prayers, music and discussion of the lectionary text for the day. Our Main Communal Worship service features prayers, choral music, Scripture readings and a sermon (prompting). We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of the month, where all are welcome…

Adult Study

April 21. Easter Sunday. No Adult Study. Attend the Easter Brunch from 9 – 10am April 28. “Earth Day Sunday” with Bill McKibben preaching at 10:30 worship. Evan Hughes will lead Adult Study at 9:30 to discuss McKibben’s new book: Falter.

Cool Planet Meeting

Monthly meeting of the Cool Planet Working Group, where we discuss ideas and plan events related to Climate Change. All are welcome to join our work